Mapping Trip Reports Note: most mapping trip reports are published in the Desert Tracks Newletter February 2005: winter05.pdf

Chapter Histories by Rose Ann Tompkins Introduction 1987-88198919901991; 19921993199419951996; 1997; 1998

Newletters: Arizona Trails (1988-1990) 1988-1; 1988-2; 1988-3; 1988-4; 1989-1; 1989-2;1989-3; 1989-4; 1989-5; 1990-1; 1990-2; 1990-3; 1990-4;1990-5


Many thanks to chapter historian Rose Ann Tompkins for preparing the chapter histories above, and to Darryl Montgomery who scanned the Desert Tracks issues for us.


Trail TurtlesWin Distinguished Volunteer Award

Naming Emigrant Trails in the Southwest, by Don Buck

Southern Trails to California Project by A.S. Eddins

Appeal for Letters of Support by A. S. Eddins

The Southern Emigrant Trail by Phil Brigandi

The Search for a Southern Overland Route to California by Harlan Hague


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