2020 Symposium in Yuma, Arizona

Southern Trails Symposium INITIAL DRAFT

Southern Trails Chapter of the Oregon-California Trails Association is proud to sponsor the Symposium in Yuma, AZ February 20 -23, 2020.

The history of Yuma will be appreciated from pre-contact through Spanish, Mexican and American eras as we explore some fascinating history on a very long time line.

Invited special guests include Arizona Representative Grijalva and both senators Sinema and McSally.

The event will be held at the Shiloh Inn 1550 S. Castle Dome Ave, Yuma, AZ 85365  (928) 782-9511 with a Friday night reception with entertainment by:

Steve Rushingwind.

Saturday February 22, 2020 will feature a variety of workshops with an outstanding line up of speakers:

Carlos Herrera will speak on the DeAnza Expedition

Harry Hewitt will explore the Mexican Border Survey near the Yuma area

Doug Hocking will present Terror on the Santa Fe Trail: Kit Carson and the Jicarilla Apache

Bill Heidner will present the History of Fort Yuma

Bill MacKinnen will share the Butterfield Mailstory

Tom Jonas and David Miller will present the Desert West of Yuma

John Krizek

Sunday will be an all day tour by bus of the Yuma area

A Book Fair will be offered, with the chance to sell, swap and donate some of your books. We all find ourselves with more books than we know what to do with, and this is your chance to bring a few along to share, discuss, swap and donate. Raffle items are also encouraged, if you have pieces from your collection that you would like to share with others. Our silent auction items and trail memorabilia always delight us with their variety and interests. The Southern Trails Chapter accepts donations and we may use them in our book fair as part of our fundraising efforts. We appreciate your support.