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Abo Pass Trail
Apache Pass Trail
Beale Wagon Road
Cooke's Wagon Road (Mormon Battalion)
El Camino del Diablo
El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro


Fort Smith-El Paso Trail
Fort Smith-Santa Fe Trail
Gila Trail
Janos Road
Laredo Road
Lower Road (Texas)
Mission Trail (California)

Mojave Road
Old Spanish Trail
Santa Fe Trail
Southern Emigrant Trail (California)
Southern Trail
Upper Road (Texas)
Zuni Trail


The Southern Route Trail Network

The Southern Route and the Gila River was the earliest path followed by European explorers and settlers bound for California. So too, the earliest American pioneers chose this way to reach the West Coast. Yet, in spite of its primacy, the Southern Route is one of the lesser-studied travel corridors to the New West. The map above shows the major trails and feeder trails that comprise the Southern Route to California as used by American emigrants in the nineteenth century.

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