Ewell’s Station

Internet Links for the Ewell’s Station Article and the Drone Sidebar

By Tracy DeVault


1) The link below will take you to a video file that shows what the drone camera sees when it is flying a survey track.  The camera video is very high resolution and that makes for very large files.  This file contains a very short (thirty second) clip and is still over 140 megabytes in length.  You will have to download this file to your computer and then click on the file to view the video.


You can watch this video directly on Vimeo.com but the quality is not as good.



2) The link below will take you directly to a video file that shows what I as the drone pilot am actually viewing when I am flying the drone.  (The file will play automatically, you won’t have to download the file first.) The little red airplane icon shows the actual position of the drone while it is flying.  It is my job, as pilot, to keep the drone flying along the blue line as close as possible.  It is also my job, as flight planner, to layout the survey plan and to put that little blue line on the satellite image.[1]



3) The link below will take you to a typical YouTube video demonstrating the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone.  There are hundreds of similar videos on YouTube.  It was YouTube videos like this that were instrumental to my decision to purchase the DJI Phantom 3 Professional.



4) The link below will take you to the Wikipedia article that explains the situation with the formation of the Territory of Arizona.



5) The link below will take you to a report on some of artifacts found at the Ewell’s Station site.  The artifacts have now been transferred to the museum at Fort Bowie. 




[1]  It is expected that flight setup will be greatly simplified as soon as waypoint flying is available for the DJI Phantom 3.